FY6600 Digital 12-60MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator

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Product description

1. The device uses professional 14 bit high speed D/A chip, 250MSa/s sampling rate. Active crystal oscillator as the benchmark makes the output waveform is more exquisite, stable and precise. Signal output range:1mVpp~20Vpp.
2. Bias level can be adjusted arbitrarily. Dual channel wave appears. practical VCO function. Every function has separete operation interface. The date displays succinct and clear, simple operation, convenient usage.
3. The FY6600 Series dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator is a signal enerator that integrates function signal generator,pulse signal generator, sweeper meter, counter and frequency meter with high performance, cost performance, multi-function.
4. The device uses large scale FPGA integrated circuit and high peed MCU microprocessor. The internal circuit uses active crystal oscillator as the benchmark,high stablity.
5. Surface mount technology has greatly improved the anti-interference and service life of the instrument.
6. The device has the complete separate dual DDS signal and TTL level output. It is not only for the user to preset 33 commonly used waveform signal, but also provide users with 64 sets custom waveform storage space.
7. The instrument has achieved combination for ease use, excellent technical indicators and other functions in the signal generation, waveform parameter measurement and scanning and usage. It can help users to quickly complete the task and it is the test and ideal measurement equipment for electronic engineers, electronic laboratory, production line and teaching and scientific research.
8. The FY6600 Series dual channel  function/arbitrary waveform generator has the hummization keyboard layout and instructions. It provide visional intuitive operation interface. The display interface uses 2.4 inch TFT colour display. High resolution:320*240, It can display all the parameter for dual channel simultaneously and prompt present key function.
9. Abundant shortcut keys greatly simplify the complex operation process and enhance the instrument operability.
Users do not need to spend a lot of time to learn and familiar with the instrument operation,you can skillfully use it.

- FY6600 uses a professional 14Bit high-speed D/A chip, rather than a few inexpensive resistors to build a 12 bit D/A resistor network. The higher the resolution, the smoother the detail waveform. Recommend: Observe the details for two schemes of sine wave durning reducing the oscilloscope resolution range and time base.The waveform details and smoothness will immediately appear on the page.
- FY6600 series sampling rate upgrades to 250MSa/s, at the same frequency, waveform contour is more clear than the 200MSa/s sampling rate instrument in the same frequency.
- FY6600 series each waveform storage depth upgrades to 8192*14bits, high-precision signal details can be restored. Wave length is 4 times of friend business.
- The industry original practical VCO function.
- FY6600 series phase resolution can up to 0.1 degrees, the user can more accurately control the delay for two signals.
- Signal output terminals uses pure copper material, not plastic wrapped zinc alloy material, the details is attitude.
- The instrument adopts imported long-life keys, and comfortable touch.
- The first dual channel waveform displays in the LCD operation interface display simultaneously (non-friends imitates our 2015 version, only displays signal 1-way waveform)
- 4 way TTL output makes instrument application more widely;
- Small signal is particularly good,FY6600 can outputs1mVPP small signal, amplitude resolution is 1mV, and can be 1mVpp, 10mVpp, 100mVpp, 1Vpp and other different step value, the maximum range is 1mVpp~20Vpp electrodeless stepless regulation.
- A wider frequency range, the maximum frequency range is 1uHz~60MHz sine wave, square wave maximum range is 1uHz~25MHz, the other wave frequency range is 1uHz~20MHz, the full range frequency resolution is 1uHz, the full range frequency shift, direct digital set;
- The rising edge time is as low as 7nS within the square wave 5V, and the maximum output frequency can reach 25MHz;
-Waveform types are more abundant.The instrument is not only for the user to preset 33 common waveform, also provides users with a group of up to 64 (8192*14Bit) user-defined waveform storage space.Users can use PC software provided by our company editor to download. The impulse wave width not only supports the duty ratio adjust
Model: FY6600
Frequency: 12/15Mhz, 30Mhz,50Mhz,60Mhz
Screen display: 2.4" TFT
Color: Grey
Size: 194 x 178 x 69mm

Packaged included:
1 x FY6600 main unit
1 x Power cable(US Plug)
1 x USB wire
1 x BNC wire
1 x CD
1 x Q9 Clip wire

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