FR3060A DC Low Resistance Tester 0.01mΩ~30.00KΩ 10uΩ Handheld Micro-ohm Meter Milliohm Meter

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Product description


  • FR3060 digital DC low resistance meter, also known as micro-ohmmeter, ohmmeter, equipotential tester, adopts microprocessor technology, four-wire method for testing, safe, precise and reliable. It is mainly used to measure the wire resistance of cables, the contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays, the resistance of coils, motors, transformer windings, and equipment enclosures, avoid thunder protection belts, ground beams, structures, cabinets, steel bars, water pipes, windows, guardrails, and heat dissipation. Test the connection resistance between metal components of objects such as devices, assembly lines, etc. It is widely used in telecommunications, electric power, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, power distribution lines, tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory grounding grids, avoid thunder rods, etc.

  • FR3060 digital DC low resistance meter is composed of host, monitoring software, test line, communication line, etc. The large-screen LCD display of the main unit is clear at a glance, and the port overload prevention function prevents the instrument from being burned out by misoperation. It can store 500 sets of data, and the resistance measurement range is 0.001mΩ~300.0KΩ. The upper computer software has functions such as historical data reading, consulting, saving, and reporting.


Model difference




Resistance range









Data storage

500 groups

500 groups

USB data upload function



Charging function



Technical specifications


Mainly used to measure the wire resistance of cables, the contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays, the resistance of coils, motors, transformer windings, and metal riveting resistance, the connection resistance test between metal components, the low-value resistance test, and the ground grid and ground poles Resistance test of connecting conductor, contact resistance test, etc.

Detection method

Four-wire method test

Test current


  Open circuit voltage


Overload protection



Measuring power≤8W

 Power supply

  DC 3. 7V 2000mAh large capacity lithium battery


  Controllable gray and white screen backlight, suitable for dim places

  Display mode

 LCD display, gray and white screen backlight

  LCD display size

  Length and width: 72 mmX 55mm

 Instrument size

 Length, width and height: 187 mmX119 mmX 50mm

  Test line

 Approximately 60cm, one each for red and black

Measure time
About 2 times/sec
USB interface
1 micro USB communication line
Data storage
500 groups, "MEM" storage indication, display "FULL" symbol to indicate storage is full
Data access
Data access function: "MR" symbol display
Overflow display
Over-range overflow function: "OL" symbol display
Battery voltage
Real-time display of battery power, prompting that the battery needs to be charged in time when the battery voltage is low

 Power consumption

Standby: about 100mA (backlight off)

Measurement: 2A Max


Meter: 480g (including battery), Test line: 250g

Automatic shut-down
The meter shuts down after about 15 minutes of inactivity
Overload protection
C1-C2 P1-P2 AC 220V/0. 0001 second between each port. After overload protection, you need to restart the meter to test normally
Insulation resistance
10MΩ or more (500V between circuit and case)
Withstand voltage
AC 3700V/rms (between circuit and case)
Working temperature and humidity
-10°C~+50°C <70%RH
Storage temperature and humidity
-20°C~+60°C <70%RH
Electromagnetic properties
IEC61010-4-3, radio frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m
Suitable for safety regulations
IEC61010-1, CAT ll 600V, pollution level 2, JJG724-1991 "Verification Regulations for DC Digital Ohmmeters", JJG166-1993 "Verification Regulations for DC Resistors", "DL /T967-2005 Loop Resistance Tester and DC Resistance Fast Tester Verification Regulations"

Package includes:

1 x Meter

2 x Test line (One each for red, black)

1 x Instrument package bag

1 x USB data cable

1 x Charger

1 x CD disk

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